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Spanish transgirl Alison

Alison is a 21-year-old stunning Spanish transgirl with long blonde hair, mesmerizing green eyes and a body that could make anyone weak in the knees. Despite her alluring looks, she has always been shy and insecure about her transsexuality. But that didn't stop her from exploring her sexuality and indulging her deepest desires. She had heard about the infamous Fuckmachine from her friends, and being a curious and adventurous person, she couldn't resist trying it out. So, for her 25th birthday, she decided it was time to treat herself and bought the most advanced, state-of-the-art fuckmachine she could find. As soon as it arrived, Alison couldn't contain her excitement. 

She quickly set it up in her bedroom and undressed, eager to experience the pleasure it promised. The machine was sleek and modern, with various attachments and settings. She decided to start with the basic dildo attachment and lay down on her bed, her long legs spread wide. She turned the machine on and it came to life with a low hum. Alison gasped as she felt the dildo slowly enter her, filling her with pleasure. She adjusted the speed and intensity, finding the perfect rhythm to satisfy her desires. One hand caressed her breasts, tweaking her nipples, while the other rubbed her clit. As the machine relentlessly pounded her, she felt her body heat up and her breathing quicken. A tingling sensation spread throughout her body and she knew she was close to climaxing. She closed her eyes and imagined her deepest and most erotic fantasies, feeling herself being taken by a lover who accepted her for who she was, a transgirl. The machine picked up speed and she moaned loudly, not caring if her neighbors could hear. Her toes curled and her back arched as she finally reached her climax, her orgasm intense and electrifying. She shuddered as her body convulsed, riding the waves of pleasure that washed over her. 

Breathless and satisfied, Alison lay on her bed, basking in the afterglow. She knew she had made the right decision in purchasing the Fuckmachine and couldn't wait to explore more of its capabilities. Over the next few weeks, Alison experimented with different attachments and settings, discovering new levels of pleasure each time. She especially loved the anal plug attachment because it mimicked the sensation of being penetrated while stimulating her prostate. 

But one day she decided to take things up a notch. She had read about using multiple attachments at once and was determined to try it. With a big smile on her face, she set up the machine with the dildo and anal plug attachments and lay back on the bed, eagerly anticipating the pleasure to come. As soon as she turned on the machine, she felt a double sensation that made her gasp. The dildo sliding in and out of him and the anal plug massaging his prostate was a heavenly combination. She moaned loudly as she rode the sensations, her body shaking with pleasure. But she wanted more. 

She also wanted to feel something thrust into her mouth, filling her completely. So she attached the third attachment, a realistic oral masturbator, to the machine and positioned it in front of her face. She opened her mouth wide and allowed the soft lips to gently wrap around her cock. As the machine continued to pleasure her, she sucked on the masturbator, imagining it was a real lover pleasuring her with her mouth. She felt consumed by pleasure, lost in a world of ecstasy, her body responding to every thrust and suck. When she reached her climax again, she couldn't hold back her moans and screamed with pleasure, her body shaking uncontrollably. She lay on her bed, completely exhausted, feeling satisfied and fulfilled in a way she never thought possible. From that day on, Alison's fuckmachine became her faithful companion, satisfying her every need and desire. She no longer felt shy or insecure about her transsexuality as she revelled in her own pleasure and embraced her sexuality without shame. And as she lay on her bed, her body still humming with intense pleasure, she smiled, grateful for the fuckmachine that had opened up a new world of pleasure for her.

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